Friday, August 11, 2006


Leakers On Notice - NYTimes Wets Pants

I don't think the crew of the Al-Qaeda Navy ship the AQN New York Times are gonna like this ruling.

Excerpted from Secrecy News Blog:

In a ruling in a case involving employees of American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) who were charged under the Espionage Act with illegally receiving and transmitting classified information:

Judge Ellis ruled that "any First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of speech involving national defense information can be superseded by national security considerations" and

"Although the question whether the government's interest in preserving its national defense secrets is sufficient to trump the First Amendment rights of those not in a position of trust with the government [i.e. not holding security clearances] is a more difficult question, and although the authority addressing this issue is sparse, both common sense and the relevant precedent point persuasively to the conclusion that the government can punish those outside of the government for the unauthorized receipt and deliberate retransmission of information relating to the national defense," Judge Ellis wrote (p. 53).

Time to flush the head and clean out the holds.

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