Thursday, August 10, 2006


Terror Alert Raised to High

The terror alert level has been raised to HIGH for travel in the US.

An unnamed source on CNN is quoted as saying "this is the real deal."

No liquids will be allowed on flights and if we follow the UK lead, then the following will be in place:

NO Liquids
Key fobs
carry on luggage
cell phones
other elec devices

You may carry on necessities in a plastic bag such as:

tissues (no boxes)
sanitary items (no boxes)
diapers (no boxes)
formula (must be tasted in front of airport security)
pharmaceuticals (only as needed for the duration of the flight)
glasses/sunglasses (no containers)
documents for travel
small wallet

All shoes will be removed and examined and x-rayed.

Basically, pack it all in the luggage and check it through. Oh, and keep your pockets empty.

Betting by the end of the day, most flights will have been cancelled and the stock market will be down down down.

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