Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Update - Fox Hostages - Jackson Leads Delegation

Updates on the FoxNews reporters who are being held hostage in the Palestinian territories from the AP:

In the video, Steve Centanni, 60, of the San Francisco area, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand, appeared to be in good health, seated on the floor in sweat suits against a black background. No armed men were shown.
"Our captors are treating us well," Centanni said, adding that they had access to clean water, showers, bathrooms, food and clothing.

"So, just want to let you know I am here and alive and give my love to my family and friends and ask to do anything you can to try to help us get out of here," he added.

Wiig called for help to get them freed.

"If you could apply any pressure on the local government here in Gaza and the West Bank, that would be much appreciated by Steve and myself," Wiig said.

And now the AP is reporting:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said Wednesday he would lead an ecumenical delegation to the Middle East this week to meet with political and religious leaders about troubles in the region, including the kidnapping of two Fox News journalists.

He said his group is concerned about the fate of Israeli soldiers held hostage by Hezbollah, as well as by the kidnapping of Fox News correspondent Steve Centanni and cameraman Olaf Wiig, who were kidnapped Aug. 14 from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters in Gaza City.

Maybe a "hostage exchange" could be negotiated...say Jackson for Centanni and Wiig? That would certainly give the terrorists a wealth of video footage. They might eventually release him, too, just to shut him up.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


ESPN Little League F-Word Update

During the broadcast of the NY - AZ game today, ESPN acknowledged an incident during the game on Sunday night in which a player for NY dropped the F-Bomb in the dugout that was picked up by the live mikes and broadcast by ESPN.

They read a statement that Little League issued which condemned the incident and noted that the incident would normally be handled during the game, but the umpires were not aware of the incident when it occurred. Little League officials stated that they reprimanded the player and coach involved in the incident and warned that a repeat would result in their removal from the tournament. It was unclear whether they were referring to the coach/player or the team as a whole, but it is welcome news that Little League officials acted to contain this unbecoming behavior by the NY team.

ESPN noted that as a precaution, they were broadcasting today's NY - AZ game with a 5 second delay, a first in Little League World Series history. A dubious honor for the New York team, but well deserved.

NY lost today's game 4-1 and are out of the tournament going 0-3 in pool play.


Victory Declared in War Against Iran

Why not? Ahmadinejad's been talking for weeks about lighting up the night sky over Israel for the coming of the 12th Mahdi on August 22nd. And nothing happened. So he chickened out. Therefore I officially declare

West beats Iran in War.

Heck, if it worked for the Hezollah, why can't we use it, too?


Still Missing - Centanni and Wiig

Michelle Malkin note that the Fox News crew is still missing and the coverage of the crew is lost in space.

If you have the time and inclination, please join me in posting a blog post today (doesn't need to be long, even a quick "Still Missing" will do) in support of our fellow American, Steve Centanni, and New Zealand-based cameraman Olaf Wiig. Let their families know that they are not forgotten.

Update: Tim Graham sends this disgusting post from TV critic Bob Laurence:

Fox has deliberately set itself apart from other news media. Starting at the top with Roger Ailes, the Fox sales pitch has been to deride other media, to declare itself the one source of the real truth, the sole source of 'fair and accurate' news reporting. As a result, there's not a reservoir of kinship or good will with Fox on the part of the rest of the news media. You can't keep insulting people and then expect friendship when you need it.
They've made it a policy to keep a distance between themselves and the rest of the media, far beyond the usual competitive spirit, so that's where they are: at a distance.

First, it's "fair and balanced." Second, what news organization doesn't posit itself the best source of news in an aggressive media world? Third, Laurence and his ilk's inability to set aside contempt for, or envy of, a successful competitor during a crisis is a damning indictment that speaks for itself.

Monday, August 21, 2006


How to Negotiate with a Terrorist

Hurricane Harry Nails the Problem of Negotiations;

This brief blog entry takes you through a series of negotiations over time between peacemakers and terrorists:

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of a line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker introduces himself. The terrorist kills him.

A peacemaker walks up to the left side of the line. A terrorist walks up to the right side of the line. The peacemaker asks, "why did you kill my friend?" The terrorist kills him and rapes his wife.

Continue Reading this brilliantly simple solution at the link.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Little League Shame - F Word Airs During ESPN Broadcast

Updated: Fox News Also reported on this incident.

During the broadcast of the Little League World Series this evening between New York and Illinois, ESPN had live mikes in the dugouts of the two teams. What a mistake. In the 6th inning changeover, they listened in on the New York dugout. One of the coaches was prepping his team for the bottom of the inning, and one of his players chimed in and added a comment and dropped the f-bomb. A 12 year old!! On national TV!! The coach yelled at him to shut up. ESPN, caught by surprise, quickly wrapped and went to commercial.

They should have known better than to have miked the New York dugout. These are the same players that the day before, after losing to the Georgia team, were poor sports. ESPN cameras were rolling and caught the catcher crying and yelling at his coach and dropping the f-bomb before the traditional game ending handshakes. Luckily, that time you had to be able to lip read to catch the comment.

If that had been a disciplined team with competent coaches, no player would ever dare to utter that word in the dugout. Not once. And to yell at a coach? Unthinkable. They would be benched permanently. Maybe cuss words shouted from the mouths of 12 year olds is acceptable behavior to these adults, but I doubt it. I know kids use them occasionally, between friends, but most don't have the courage to spout them regularly with any adults around - 16 year olds, maybe, but 11 and 12 year olds?

Why is there always at least one team at the annual event that acts like poor sports? Maybe they are spoiled little brats that have finally been beaten and are throwing a temper tantrum for mommy to make it all better. I'm sure the rest of the competition has noticed - what a reputation to carry around the dorms. I only hope that Little League has noticed and will take action to stop this show of poor sportsmanship. It isn't allowed in High School Baseball and shouldn't be tolerated by younger players, either.

In sports there are written rules and unwritten rules, and if there is one thing I know for sure...

There is no crying in baseball, and there should be no cussing in Little League.

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