Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dorwin Awards... Olive it!!!

“You know, that's the most interesting part of the whole business. I admit that I thought his Lordship a most consummate donkey when I first met him – but it turned out that he is an accomplished diplomat and a most clever man. I took the liberty of recording all his statements.”

'The analysis was the most difficult of the three by all odds. When Houk, after two days of steady work, succeeded in eliminating meaningless statements, vague gibberish, useless qualifications—in short all the goo and dribble—he found he had nothing left. Everything canceled out. Lord Dorwin, gentlemen, in five days of discussion didn't say one @$#%^ thing, and said it so that you never noticed. There are the assurances you had from your precious Empire.”

I second the motion for the Dorwin Award!!

You're probably familiar with the Darwin Awards, handed out each year to the
people who do humanity the service of removing themselves from the gene pool in
creative ways. I think it's time for a new one, named after one of Isaac
Asimov's characters in the brilliant Foundation. Lord Dorwin comes to Terminus
representing the Galactic Empire.
I hereby nominate Barack Obama for the First Annual Lord Dorwin Award. A better
description of his campaign will never be penned. In two years of campaigning,
he hasn't said one serious, meaningful thing, and said it so the electorate
never noticed.

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Ok, so we don't each other - I live on the other side of the world. What award would you dub McCain with? Dork of the year. No, that's pretty crass, but you must have something in mind!
It's perfect. Just perfect.
I've been struggling for a way to state that about Obama for months...
Good good good......
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