Friday, September 08, 2006


Were I Disney I'd Think Twice

If I were the Disney Company and ABC, I would think twice before pulling the 9-11 docudrama. The democrats may be threatening to pull their license, which they'll never do, but Disney should realize democrats aren't Disney's demographic consumers.

If the powers that be at Disney want to pull the docudrama, loyal Disney customers will think twice before that next vacation. It is safe to say that Disney is more a "republican" vacation hub than a "democratic" one, even if only from the standpoint that republicans are more likely to be married with children and would more likely attend the parks and buy the movies than democrats.

After speaking with some of the parents in my neck of the woods, many of whom make multiple trips to Disney each year, they are upset that the movie may be pulled. They want to watch and make up their own minds and are upset that Disney may cave. They realize that it is a docudrama, but also realize that Disney wouldn't play fast and loose with the facts and would, in general, be balanced.

Does Disney want to risk pain to its pocketbook from loyal customers, or does it want to bet that the democrats won't follow through on their threats? If it were me, I would bet on the customers.

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