Tuesday, August 22, 2006


ESPN Little League F-Word Update

During the broadcast of the NY - AZ game today, ESPN acknowledged an incident during the game on Sunday night in which a player for NY dropped the F-Bomb in the dugout that was picked up by the live mikes and broadcast by ESPN.

They read a statement that Little League issued which condemned the incident and noted that the incident would normally be handled during the game, but the umpires were not aware of the incident when it occurred. Little League officials stated that they reprimanded the player and coach involved in the incident and warned that a repeat would result in their removal from the tournament. It was unclear whether they were referring to the coach/player or the team as a whole, but it is welcome news that Little League officials acted to contain this unbecoming behavior by the NY team.

ESPN noted that as a precaution, they were broadcasting today's NY - AZ game with a 5 second delay, a first in Little League World Series history. A dubious honor for the New York team, but well deserved.

NY lost today's game 4-1 and are out of the tournament going 0-3 in pool play.

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