Thursday, August 10, 2006


True Blue Bush Haters Club

The democratic party held a vote last night and voted Joe Lieberman out of the clubhouse. And in a move that caught the older kids off guard, the netroot newbies are demanding some new rules for the clubhouse.

1. The new party name is the "True Blue Bush Haters Club."
2. The new password is "Hippies Rule, Republicans Drool."
3. The new leaders of the gang will be Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Kos, and Howard Dean.
4. All candy and toys must be turned in and will be distributed by the netroot newbies from now on.
5. All new candy and toys will be screened for cooties. No GI Joes, Barbies or Monopoly allowed.
6. No one is allowed to be friends with anyone who is not in the club and must refer to them as Nazis or fascists.
7. All members must kiss Michael Moore's Oscar every day.
8. All of Lieberman's toys will be destroyed because they have cooties.
9. All gang meetings outside of the clubhouse must be approved by the newbies.
10.All signs must contain a peace sign and the words Bush/Hitler, Nazi, Anti-War or Pro-Choice.

A representative of the older kids had no immediate comment, but one was heard muttering something about time-outs and soap.

A comment is expected soon, but the clubhouse lights were out for nappy time.

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