Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hizbollah's Exploits

As reported at LGF:

Mahmoud Komati, deputy chief of Hezbollah's political arm, also told The Associated Press in an interview that his group will not lay down arms.

"The truth is--let me say this clearly--we didn't even expect (this) response.... that (Israel) would exploit [emphasis mine] this operation for this big war against us," said Komati.

He said Hezbollah had expected "the usual, limited response" from Israel to the July 12 cross-border raid, in which three Israelis were killed.

Notice the bolded word...EXPLOIT....

WIKIPEDIA defines exploit as "the act of utilizing something in an unjust, cruel or selfish manner for one's own advantage."

Exploitation, as a word, is almost always used in association with bad things like sexual exploitation (porn and prostitution) and human exploitation (slavery). It denotes manipulation and inequality.

Why use that word in this situation? Maybe to do the usual whining and claiming of victim status straight out of the islamic terrorist playbook? Exploit certainly allows Hizbollah to press that point. It also reinforces the anti-semitic stereotype of the Israelis as a selfish, cruel, and tricky enemy who can never be trusted. It implies the Israelis made an incident into an INCIDENT. He then finishes his statement with "this big war against us" reinforcing the "disproportionate response" claims being bandied about by the usual leftist, terrorist enablers and implies that the Israelis foisted this war on them, making the Israelis the aggressors.


Unfortunately, it also shows Hizbollah's inept military leadership. Did they not foresee all outcomes and weigh them before acting as a good strategist should?

I am sure Hizbollah wants to play the victim, but I doubt their intentions were to broadcast to the world that their military prowess sucks. That certainly inspires the confidence of the troops doesn't it?

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