Tuesday, July 25, 2006


UN scores a Hat-trick in Lebanon

The UN pulls out of some areas of the world because of threats but leaves its UN observer forces in the middle of a war zone. It seems to me that a prudent move would have been for the observers to have been pulled out immediately upon the initiation of hostilities.

The observers are in towers and bunkers and Hezbollah is using these for cover to fire its rockets. The UN left them there as cannon fodder and ground cover.

UN "observers" have no place in a war zone. They will end up as collateral damage or collateral assistance at some point in a war. This is either cluelessness, incompetency, or intentional. Sh** happens in a war zone and the fact that the UN left their "troops" there is a hat trick of inept proportions.

Note to UN: This is your fault - not Israel's and not Hezbollah's.

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