Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Nasrallah's Happy Face

I said yesterday "I am sure Hizbollah wants to play the victim, but I doubt their intentions were to broadcast to the world that their military prowess sucks. That certainly inspires the confidence of the troops doesn't it?"

Wow, was I prescient or what?

When you admit publicly that you haven't anticipated your enemies' response to your actions, you undermine your command and control. DUH.

Captain's Quarters has an excellent take on an article that appears in Haaretz. Seems the IDF is listening in on Nasrallah's messages to his troops and SURPRISE morale is down. As the Captain says "Nasrallah made this sound like a milk run, and now the jihadis have another Israeli invasion on their hands."

Were I a good little Jihadi, I'd be a little peeved, too. Underestimating the response of the Israelis left the troops on the ground with their proverbial pants down and no one to come along and pull em back up. A good commander anticipates the response and plans for all contingencies. Now, thanks to the Israeli bombing of the supply routes, excuse me, the Lebanese infrastructure, they have few ways to resupply provisions, ammo, or fighters. Any traffic on the roads that even looks like an attempt to resupply will end up as litter. Their injured and dead are being evac'd by the humanitarian groups as "civilian casualties." Great planning there, dude.

Nasrallah is left to put a on a happy face as he describes the latest adventures in the jihad follies to the press and promises his troops something the Israelis won't let him fulfill. In another few days he may be left with only bluster or he could be left in the dust, dead.

One can certainly hope!

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