Friday, August 11, 2006


Does Some Spam Mail Contain Terrorist Code Words?

They pay a bunch of people in spook circles alot of money to think outside the box about terrorism, countermethods, code breaking, etc. So here's my effort to think outside the box.

I received another bunch of spam mail today, and sometimes I open it. I always run the virus check and spyware software immediately after opening these tidbits, so I am pretty confident the computer stays clean. My email is disinfected by my ISP, too. Big deal, you say...well...

I believe that one way the Islamofascists are communicating is through spam mail. What better way to anonymously communicate than to spread spam mail around so it's hard to track the true intended recipient of a message? Of course, the originating email is bogus and traces back to no-where. The message also appears innocuous and wouldn't generate a second thought in most people except to hit the delete button.

Sounds coo-coo, right?

I receive these very generic requests for mortgages, refi-s and shall we say pharmaceutical stuff all the time (don't we all), but sometimes the "subject" line has an interesting word in it. Today's word was "hudna." A hudna is a false end to fighting or a cease fire used by muslim armies for centuries that is used to re-arm, re-equip and re-fight the cause. It lulls the enemy into thinking the conflict is resolved and then boom, fighting resumes with the element of surprise on the islamist's side. Ever wonder why cease fires never work with Israel? The other side is only biding its time to fight another day.

So, an interesting choice in the subject heading, huh?

The email looks normal even bland when you open it, but on the far right side (must scroll to see) are usually a bunch of letters that aren't words. On the bottom of the email (must scroll to see) is a nonsensical paragraph of real words that in no way relates to the purported intent of the email- mortgage, viagra, etc. So why are these things there? If you attempt to copy the contents of the email it shuffles the text of the email and an entirely new text emerges all interlaced together, not smushed but interspersed with the letters on the far right. If you try to highlight the text, the cursor bounces all over the content of the email highlighting single letters at a time.

This is today's text at the bottom:

The automated kitchen produced another stale sandwich, the machine
was half-knackered and out of adjustment, along with a lukewarm cup of
watery cocoa. I crunched and sipped gloomily, then found the bedroom

Could the automated kitchen be London's Islamist bomb factories, the stale sandwich be code for a foiled operation, the machine...cocoa, imply the materials were defective, and found the bedroom mean the email writer made it to a safe house?


Any stories or thoughts about this would be appreciated.

OMG, I've thought this myself. I dunno, let's see if anyone turns up something here or at PW.

Not to worry too much, though, the right has always had a proud tin-foil tradition of its own (hell-llooooo, John Birch Society, etc.)! So no need to go to the Kossacks for directions on how to "roll your own".
I think you've stumbled onto something.

So I guess I'm *not* going to get a free Rolax Watch after all.
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